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Top Colors to make a Room Bigger and Brighter

When it comes to interior design, color is an essential part of the whole process. The color you choose for your bedroom will have a significant impact on your mood, as well as your health and feeling. A lot of finding the right color for your home is dependent on what kind of mood you want to set for your guests. Make a decision about which colors you prefer, but be sure to use a color that goes with what you want your guests to feel. With these tips, you will be able to find the perfect colors to make a room bigger and brighter.


The color off-white is neutral and usually doesn’t clash with other colors so it can be used with any other design you have. Off-white is also not very striking, but it is not too bland. You can add a punch of color to your room with a splash of white or golden accents. The color also is subtle, but it’s airy and fresh which means it will make the space appear larger than it already is.

2. Dark Blue

Dark Blue is a color that is often associated with the night sky or the Deep Sea, which makes it a perfect color to use in a bedroom. This color is also seen to make a powerful statement as well as provide the bedroom owner the ability to go with richer piece of accents. Dark Blue also helps to take away any feeling of claustrophobia and make the room feel expansive. More importantly, it can be a little different than what people might be used to.

3. Dark Gray

The color dark gray is not the most common color choice for bedrooms. It might be a bit dull for some people, but it can make the room bigger and brighter by providing a sense of openness and simplicity. Dark Gray has a calming quality that can make the room feel like a sanctuary. It is a color that can be paired with anything from artwork on the walls to dimming lights to any other focal point of your room.

4.Sea Green

If you are looking for a color that can transform the bedroom feeling from cluttered to light and fresh, Sea Green is your best bet. This color provides a deep sense of serenity and it can brighten up the space without trying too much. Sea Green works well with wooden furniture as well as earthy textures that everyone likes to have.

5. Clean White

Clean White is a color that is crisp, fresh and uplifting. It also doesn’t absorb other colors and it’s easy to keep it clean so you can add other splashes of color of furniture later on. Clean white is also considered the best color to set the mood and create a sense of composure. More importantly, this color is not too bright, and not too dull – but it has the right coolness you need to make a room bigger and brighter in a mellow tone.

6. Pale Blue

This color is made up of light and dark blue and is associated with a deep sense of calm and peace. Pale blue is often associated with the color of the sky and sea – which is liked by many. Also, pale blue has the gentle quality a person might need to make a light, open space. It is best partnered with sheer curtains and other calming tones to produce a soothing quality. Pale Blue works best for internal rooms such as baby rooms or an uncluttered room for your kid.

7. Charcoal Black

If you have always wanted a more masculine room, this color may be the answer. Charcoal Black is dark but has a certain shine to it. It is the color of the night and can make the room appear bigger and more spacious. Charcoal black also gives a certain sense of privacy and is often used to an intimate room with lightly colored furniture.


Taupe has a grayish gray undertone that can make the room seem larger and brighter. The color is also calming and peaceful, and it helps to create a serene atmosphere. This color is often used in offices, so it’s no wonder that it’s such a popular color in a bedroom. It’s also a popular color on its own without needing any other colors to balance it out.

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Final thoughts About Top Colors

Sometimes you just have to have a broader canvas to work with and you will see the magic happen. With so many paint colors to choose from, it can be hard to decide what to paint your walls. That is why we have provided a list with 10 different colors that are great for adding more color to a room. This list contains all different color schemes so you can find the perfect shade for your space and make it seem larger than it is!

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